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Offering therapeutic, counseling like services in Kalispell, Montana for those who are ready to get to the root and heal.
Equine Gestalt Life Coaching is incredibly valuable for everyone looking to overcome challenges, acheive a goal, and improve their emotional well-being. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns, seeking support can make a significant difference in your life. Together we can identify the root of your struggles, develop a plan, and work towards healing. You will begin to feel more empowered, confident, and capable of navigating life’s ups and downs. So if you are ready to take the first step towards a healthier, happier you, consider reaching out to us today.
Are you struggling with feeling invisble and lost?

We Are Here To Listen

Coach Sonya and Khanfident (Horse Coach)

Sometimes we feel lost and invisible in our busy world. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say because we care very deeply and want to help you to find peace and clarity. Please reach out with any questions and know that we are here to help everyone.

I am a Gestalt Life Coach

Gestalt sees us as capable and whole. It meets us right where we are — which is key in healing. Right now, you may not be the person you want to be — the person you know you could be. And that’s okay. Together we will find your way to the future you want.

Counseling like/ Deep Healing with Roots And All Gestalt Healing
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Work with Me

One On One Gestalt Life Coaching

Let’s take some time to be present. Just you, Khanfident, and myself. Taking a moment to become aware of your thoughts, pains, and feelings to achieve clarity and peace. What does living your best life look like and what’s your awareness on how to get there?

Also offering phone and zoom coaching to help support you with your goals.

Offering Multiple Gestalt Life Coaching Groups

Groups provide us with a sense of knowing that we are not the only ones with similar feelings, as well as provide a support system. We set a safe and confidential space where there is no judgment. A space safe to share your truths, your feelings, and know that you are not alone.

Gestalt Life Coaching Workshops

There are times in our life when something happens that leads to a state of frustration, and confusion. In weekend-long intensive groups we will get to the root of that feeling and achieve awareness, understanding, and peace. We offer different workshops, and if you are looking for something in particular please reach out and let us know.

Group work- community, togetherness, and safety
What Drives Us

Our Mission

Getting to the root feeling for those who feel like they are lost and invisible so they can be heard and can achieve peace, harmony, and clarity.

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If you are tired of feeling confused, lost, and broken please schedule a free exploratory call with us. Together we will help you find peace and clarity.

Upcoming Events

TBA- Demonstration Day

Starts at 6pm We can’t wait to share what we do with you, it really is something to be experienced to fully understand what we offer. Please RSVP below