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I felt safe, seen and heard with Sonya. Sonya lovingly held space for me during our sessions together, asking me just the right questions at the right time so that I could gain greater clarity and awareness about myself and heal. Thank you Sonya! I am looking forward to our next session together!

Margery Denver, Colorado

Sonya presented as confident and connected with her client. She is an exceptionally insightful coach. She asks just the right questions to guide you to your own answers held within. Her client gained so much clarity on what she wanted to achieve and the directions she wanted to take. Anyone holding back or unsure of their next steps is highly recommended to contact Sonya!

C Woods Dover-Foxcroft, ME

Sonya is amazing. Her horse she partners with for healing chose me and I ended up doing a session. It was a mind blowing experience! I connected with myself on an emotional level that I have never experienced. Between her and her horse, Khanfidant, I walked away rejuvenated. There are true healers in this world. Sonya and Khanfidant are true healers.
It helped and meant the world to me! You came into my life and I knew I liked you immediately and now I know why… your soul touches people in ways I didn’t think was possible.

Julie T. Kalispell, MT

Sonya has such a calming presence that immediately put me at ease and in a safe space with her.

Morgan Scully Colorado Springs, Colorado

Sonya has the awesome ability to gently dig into the thoughts and feelings behind my emotional reactions.  She helped me get clarity on why I was feeling a certain way.  She is grounded and kind and an awesome listener who did a great job of steering me towards my goals.

Jennifer H. Spokane, Washington

Sonya had such a lovely gentle way with me. I felt safe and loved while exploring my new spiritual awareness.

Marcy W, Madison, WI

Sonya guided me through one of my most challenging memories and truths to a plane of self- acceptance and love. I am so grateful for her love, compassion, wisdom, and guidance. I could not have gotten there without her.

Amy Allen Loveland, Colorado

Sonya was my coach through a very intense session involving grief. She has a quiet presence that is both supportive and reassuring. She knew the exact exercise to do to help me through it. I deeply appreciate her help.

Janice H. Denver, Colorado

Sonya is a gift. She creates a clear, safe presence for growth and asks insightful questions that allow the client to find their own answers. If you are looking for something to help you unlock your unlimited potential, she’s the coach for you!

JennyMarie G. Elizabethtown, Kentucky

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