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Meet Gestaltists Sonya Brown and Khanfident

My Story

Equine Gestalt Kalispell MT

 Hello From Your Mental Health Team!

My horse, Khanfident, and I are excited to help you bring change to your life by tending to your mental health!

I truly know that this work is able to do just that.

At the beginning of my journey I was blessed enough to win a group session with an Equine Gestaltist. Little did I know then that this would lead into my life’s purpose, and passion.

After the very first woman’s Equine Gestalt group I went to, I could feel a difference. I decided to jump in, with both feet, into some one on one sessions to continue and grow this new feeling. It seemed after years of talk therapy I was finally experiencing some major shifts and awareness. To my surprise and delight, it only took a few sessions to be in a space in my life where I could feel some peace. This is what I had been looking for, so I decided to continue with the Equine Gestalt sessions for greater understanding, clarity, and growth for myself.

To this day, I remember working on my boundaries with both my human and equine coaches, and shifting some old, unfinished business that helped me in my current relationships. The Gestalt work I have accomplished has helped me grow into the person I was always intended to be. I have found my voice, my boundaries; and now know it is safe to feel my own emotions. 

My intention is to come alongside of you and listen full-heartedly so you can find your own peace and clarity. If this interests you, please reach out and set up a free exploratory phone call and let’s talk.

Meet Our Equine Gestalt Coach

Mental Health Horse Healer

Khanfident Equine Gestalt Coach With Roots And All Healing


Khanfident is an Arabian, who like her human counterpart, is ready to help you be seen and heard.

She is supportive and holds space for you to help shift old stories with her horse wisdom and healing.

Sonya is amazing. Her horse she partners with for healing chose me and I ended up doing a session. It was a mind blowing experience! I connected with myself on an emotional level that have never experienced. Between her and her horse, Khanfidant, I walked away rejuvenated. There are true healers in this world. Sonya and Khanfidant are true healers.

 It helped and meant the world to me! You came into my life and I knew I liked you immediately and now I know why… your soul touches people in ways I didn’t think was possible

Julie T. Kalispell, MT

I am a Gestaltist

Gestalt is the quest for wholeness

The EGC Method Is

• Empowering

• Trauma Informed

• Non-Judgmental

• Safe

• Confidential


You Are In The Right Place If You Are

• Ready For Peace, Happiness, and Clarity

• Tired Of Feeling Invisible And Lost

• Know It Is Your Time To Be Heard- Find Your Truth, And Your Voice

• Wanting To See Things Change, Or Try New Things

• Prepared To Build New Thoughts, Behaviors, and Habits

I know a lot of you are wondering what Gestalt is, and honestly it really is something that needs to be experienced to understand the fullness of what this method offers. However, I am excited to share with you some of the dynamics it has.

Equine Gestalt is an amazing coaching method that creatively gets to the root of a feeling to bring awareness and clarity that provides a release from what is happening in the now, as well as any old, unfinished business that may be lingering from your past.

How? Well, with a horse of course! Horses are so in tune with our being that they can help us become aware of what we need to achieve our best life, and clear pent up energy that is not meant to reside within our bodies.

If you are tired of being stuck, feeling small, or lost and are ready for a change, let’s dig in together to find your personal truth and discharge any powerful emotions or beliefs that are no longer serving you.

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